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Application for a Marketing/Communication internship, Australia (6 months)

Métier préparé

Product Manager / Advertising Manager

Etudes suivies

4 e année Graduate Diploma in a Business School, Specialization in Marketing/Communication

Ecole : Reims Management School - Sup de Co

51100 Reims fr

Période du stage

durée : Six months

de : 2013-03-01 à : 2012-08-31

Extrait du cv

· 2012 Graduate Diploma (4th year), Reims Management School – Reims, FRANCE
- Courses: international strategy, promotion mix, marketing, digital and B to B communication.
- Practice: market research, development of communication strategies (BACCARAT jewelry, GALLIMARD)
· 2010 Graduate Diploma in Business Law, Paris X University – Nanterre, FRANCE
- Courses: Labor Law, Commercial Law, International Private Law, etc
- Practice: in...

Extrait de la lettre d'accompagnement

Dear Madam or Sir,
I am currently ending my Graduate Diploma in Communication and Marketing at the business school of Reims Management School in France. I am looking for an international internship of at least six months from 1st march 2013, in order to enforce my knowledge through an experience abroad but also to discover a country and a culture very differents from mine. That is why I really want to do it in Australia, ideally in Melbourne, a perfect place to live a great human e...