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Automobile, aeronautics, plastics engineering, Construction and public works in Australia

Metallurgy, energy, electronics, telecommunications in Australia

Laboratory / Pharmaceutic / cosmetics, agribusiness agriculture, fashion luxury in Australia

>Transportation / Logistics, Navigation, Handicraft in Australia

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stagiaire Position: Business development, product development, marketing management, optimisaton. Industry: very interested of mechanical industry BUT totally open to other fields such as electrical, automaton, etc.. countries: USA, England, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Singapore, Australia.
41520 Gothenborg Se
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stage Internship in Manufacturing Industry
2000 Sydney Au
stage Internship in Manufacturing Industry
2000 Sydney Au
stage Internship in Publishing Industry
4566 Noosaville Au
stage Internship in Consulting Industry
3000 Melbourne Au
stage Internship in Tourism Industry
2000 Sydney Au
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Covered industrial sectors in Australia

Aeronautics Aviation : aviation, aeronautics, aerospace, aerodynamicist, part-21, air-traffic controller, airline captain, pilot, stewardess, steward...

Sailing Navigation : navigation, sailor, ship-owner, gas carrier, offshore...

Materials : steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, leathers, wood, composite materials, glass-maker, ceramicist, composites, polymers...

Plastics manufacturing : injection, thermoforming, rheology, extrusion, mould makers, production line conductor, electrotyping...

Automobile : garage mechanic, gas station, petrol pump attendant, parts manufacturer, mechanic, bodywork painter, coachbuilder, car dealer, diesel mechanics, engine manufacturer...

Electronics : electronics engineer, electrotechnics, electromechanical, electromagnetism, micromechanics, microprocessor, microcomputer, electromechanical engineer, electrotechnical engineer, mechatronics engineer, home automation...

Metallurgy : mechanics, mechanic, sheet metalwork, boilermaker, fitter, cnc, foundry, sheet metal factory, machine tool, metal fabricator, metallurgy, robotics, machining, surface treatment, tinsmith, blacksmith, galvaniser, metal worker, rolling mill operator, automation operator, milling machine operator, steel worker, regulator, welder, turner, pipefitter...

Engineers: consulting engineers, informatics engineers, software engineers, networks engineers, research engineers, telecom engineers, quality engineers, commercial engineers, business engineers, biological engineers, digital imaging engineers, production engineer, sound engineer, food engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, genetic engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, marine engineering, mechanical engineering, climatic engineering, engineering, engineering...

Energy : gas, electricity, nuclear power, coal, carbon, renewable energy, sustainable development, solar, wind, geothermics, photovoltaics, biofuel, biomass, ethanol, hydrogen, marine turbine, insulation, fuel cell, heat pump, ground coupled heat exchanger...

Oil : offshore, refiner, pipeline, driller...

Fashion, Luxury : textile, fashion designer, fashion designer, milliner, hatter, pattern maker, ready-to-wear, tanner...

Art professions, craftspersons : handicraft, gilder, luthier, potter, sculptor, saddler, cabinetmaker, glass blower, engraver, setter, watchmaking, jeweller, jeweller's craft, goldsmith...

Projects : project director, head of project department, project manager, projects officers, task force, tenders, contracting authority support, project management support, contracting authority, special administrative conditions of contract, special technical spécifications of contract, master plan, change management, dashboards, assignment officers, study officer, operations...

Researches departments : r and d, draughtsmen, calculation, industrial designers, industrial designers, cad, ergonomics, technical writer, coast estimators, cypher clekrs, grafcet, methods, process, cad, 3D, 2D, dashboards, sutdy officer, statistician, forecaster, technological surveillance, prototypists, modellers, modelling, tests benches, spectroscopy, nanotechnologies, acoustician, optical...

Laboratory / Pharmaceutic / Cosmetics : laboratory, laboratory assistant, laboratory technician, medical analysis, pharmacist, pharmaceutic, pharmacy technician, drug monitoring, pharmaceutical specialist, cosmetics, chemistry, perfumery, formulator, clinical research, biochemistry, biochemist, biology, biologist, biomathematician, biomedical, biomechanics, exobiologist, biotechnology, phytosanitary, prosthetic technician, dental prosthetist...

Agriculture / Agribusiness : farmer, grower, food, cooperative, picker, beekeeper, agronomist, agronomy, botanist, forest ranger, arborist, forester, lumberjack, stevedore, sawmill, sawyer, horticulturist, maket gardener, nursery gardener, breeder, equitation, horserider, ostler, pet shop, fishing, aquaculturist, fishmonger, pisciculturist, grape-picker, wine-grower, wine, wine-maker, wine storehouse manager, culture manager, oenologist...

Quality Hygiene Environment : quality : quality controller, hse, hygiene, quality director, head of quality department, quality control engineer, quality assistant, environment, recycling, amdec, sensory analysis, certification, accreditation, carbon footprint, norm, iso-14000, iso-9000, ohsas-18001, iso-13485, iso-15189, iso-cen17025, iso-27000, material vigilance, en-9100, quality of service, haccp, lean-manufacturing, continuous improvement, black-belt, kaisen, 5s, 6s, inspector, controller, tester, technical check, certifier, non-destructive control, ultrasound, physical measure, risk analysts...

Technical posts : technician, head of production management, technical director, head of production department, head of website department, head of the industrial department, head of technical department, workshop foreperson, statistician, forecaster, technological surveillance, prototypist, modellers, modelling, fluids mechanics, mechanic, instrumentation, toolmaker, metrology, instrumentalist, surface treatment, test bench, assembly cell, spectroscopy, assistant, operator, supervisor, maintenance, technical support, assembly-line worker, laminator, stratifier, shaper, manufacturer, dispatcher, acoustician, chemist, colourist, geotechnician, hydraulic engineer, dishwasher, scuba diver, subcontracting, high-tech, nanotechnology, optical, manufacturing, industrial refrigeration, laser, production, industrial automation, automatism, operations...

Construction and public works : construction site, estate, building, public works, architecture, architect dplg, building, structural works, real estate developer, property, property management company, local development, architect, interior designer, landscape architect, transaction officer, site manager, site supervisor, construction economist, quantity surveyor, civil engineering, surveyor, topographer, town planning, organization, sanitation, cement worker, concrete, formworker, formwork, bricklayer, quarry-worker, roofer, carpenter, zinc worker, tiler, mosaicist, mirror specialist, locksmith, plumber, heating installer, heat engineer, ventilation engineer, air conditioning, refrigeration engineer, Mechanically Controlled Ventilation, machine operator, crane operator, rope access technician, electrician, low current, high current, mason, stone-cutter, decorator, joiner, painter, staffer, plasterboard installer, plasterer, parquet contractor, ripper, upholsterer, glazier, lift professional, insulator, antennas installer, kitchen specialist, stair manufacturer, home automation, waterproofer, demolition worker, decontamination, asbestos remover, decontaminator, archeologist, social housing, landscaper, gardener, town-planner, markings...